Hair and Makeup Classes

At SOYI Makeup and Hair, we offer classes

for makeup and hairstyling

enthusiasts for all levels ranging from

beginner to professional.


For  those  who  would  like  to  learn  how to  apply  better  makeup, 

and/  or  style  their  own  hair.

I offer  personal  makeup   and  personal  hairstyling  classes separately. 

You  can  choose  the  to  focus  on  makeup  or  hair  in  one  class.

Personal Lessons

For  those  who  have  zero  experience  in doing   makeup  and  hair  and  would  like  to  commit to  a comprehensive course  with  me.  

Not  only  will  we  teach  you  makeup  and  hair  techniques,  we  will  also  teach  you  the  business skills  so  that  you can  start  off  your  own  makeup  and  hair  career!



For  those  that  have  some  level  of  experience with  makeup  or  hair  and  want  to  up  their level! 


In  my  one  day  intensive  1  on  1  class,  you  will get  to  learn  my signature  makeup  or  hair   styles.


I  also  include  coaching  services  to review  your  current  business  and  see  where  you  can  improve.  There  will  be  a  lot  of  business  tips  to  help  you  grow  your  business  and  step  up  your  game!

Professional Courses
1 on 1 Intensive Classes
Raving reviews from students

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