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5 Tips for enhancing your wedding hair

If you are planning your wedding and wondering how you can achieve the bridal hair that you have been dreaming of, here are some tips for YOU!

🔸Tip 1: Find some inspiration images Do some research of hairstyles that you love. Browse on Pinterest, Instagram and gather hairstyles that suit you (your hair type, length, color and face shape).

🔸 Tip 2: Think practically Is your venue in the middle of summer with the potential for high humidity? Or do you normally wear your hair up because you hate your hair getting in the way? Then updos might be more practical. The aim is for you to look your best but also to feel as comfortable as possible so pick a hairstyle that reflects you and will bring out your best. A happy and comfortable bride is a beautiful bride!

🔸Tip 3: Highlight & color your hair Highlights in hair can bring out the dimension and texture of an updo! If you are looking for a soft and romantic hairstyle, I would recommend getting hair color and highlights about 2-3 weeks before your wedding!

🔸Tip 4: Do a hair trial I recommend having a makeup and hair trial around 2 months before your wedding day. Communicate with your artist on your vision, and tell her/ him your hair type, texture, thickness and face shape.

I send out a questionnaire to my brides before the trial to get to know their vision and do a consultation with them before we start the trial!

🔸 Tip 5: Trust your hair artist! The chance is if you book an artist, you have read his/ her portfolio and reviews. Trust that the artist is professional and leave him/ her room for creativity. When you communicate and give creative freedom to your artist, s/he can bring the best out of you based on your features and style!

I hope you find these tips helpful!

Hair accessory: @brideandbustlesalon Bride: @gracieluv22

By the way, my schedule is filling up fast for this year and I only take a limited number of weddings per year.

If you are planning a wedding, do not forget to contact me via my website. I would love to talk to you more about your wedding makeup and hair!!


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