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Having a healthy mindset and a realistic expectation

Dealing with unrealistic expectations is a big challenge for bridal makeup artists. With Instagram filters and Photoshop, our eyes are all used to seeing images that are heavily edited.

Makeup sits on top of the skin and it is meant to be temporary. Makeup can transfer if you rub your face. Makeup cannot hide winkles. Makeup requires touch up once in a while to stay fresh.

We, makeup artists, use colors to enhance your features. You will still look like yourself after makeup, but not the exactly a replica of the inspiration photos. The model in the inspiration photo has different features and skin tone from yours, and she may have invested thousands of dollars on skincare and medical spa. On top of that, the photo is likely taken right after the makeup is freshly done, under studio lighting, and with Photoshop edit.

Makeup artists are artists. We try our best to make you look the best with the help of makeup products. But we are not plastic surgeons, not demonologists and not magicians.

Makeup can help you look more radiant, highlight your attractive features, make your skin tone more even, make your less attractive features less prominent. Makeup artists can do the style that you ask for in a way that works for your face and eye shapes.

Skin is the canvas of your makeup. If you want to have a smooth application that lasts longer, having a skin routine that fits you will elevate your makeup.

Please set some realistic expectations and a healthy mindset before going into your wedding or trial. Be confident the way you are. You are beautiful. ♡

(Sharing some before and after celebrity makeup photos here)


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