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How to accentuate the beautiful Asian facial features

Many of my brides have expressed to me how hard it is to find a bridal hair and makeup artist that understands Asian faces and is experienced in Asian brides.

Asian facial features are uniquely beautiful

As Asians, our facial features are uniquely beautiful. When applying makeup on an Asian face, our team uses our special techniques towards the eyes, eyebrows, and skin tones so that our beautiful Asian features complement each other naturally. 

It is a specific style that only a few Asian makeup artists in the Bay Area like me understand fluently. I believe that every Asian woman, whether you are Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, or Vietnamese, should know what makeup style is best for you.

Being Asian myself, I totally understand the struggle many of my Asian brides face when finding a wedding makeup artist. I have received hair and makeup training in different Asian countries (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Japan). I am confident to say that I have a very good understanding on how to make Asian faces look naturally beautiful with the help of makeup.

I have worked with Asian brides in the past 8 years. Let me share with you some tips I have to enhance your Asian facial features:

1. Stay hydrated

Drink enough water, apply moisturizer, use exfoliation products to keep your skin smooth and hydrated.

Good skincare routine is the first step to flawless makeup. Remember: our skin is the canvas for the makeup.

2. Find the right shade of foundation

Based on my experience and experiments with countless foundation over the years. I have found that neutral to slightly yellow-based foundation work best on Asian skin.

Using concealer effectively to cover uneven skin tone can help achieve a more natural makeup result. This avoids putting excessive foundation on the skin which puts a think mask that covers the beautiful textures of the skin.

My suggestion: LIGHT makeup layers using the right shade and LESS IS MORE

3. Proper color choice

Choose colors that complement the yellow undertones on eyes, lips, blush, etc.

Often times Asians look best with earth tone neutral eyeshadows, pink/ peach color blush.

4. False eyelash choice and placement

False lashes manufactured for in the USA are mostly made for other races like Caucasians, African Americans, Hispanics and etc. And these lashes can look very artifical on Asian eyes.

I source high quality handmade lashes from Asia (Japan, Taiwan and Korea) for my Asian brides. They look natural and beautiful on Asian eyes. Proper use of false lashes can brighten up the eyes while keeping the makeup style light and natural.

5. Lip color choice and application

Asian skin tones usually go well with most lip colors, but especially well with pick or peachy colors.

Lightly set the lipstick color with a thin layer of translucent powder so the lipstick color can last longer.

6. Eyebrow shaping

Eyebrows are the important elements that frame a person’s face. The brow shape should be determined by the bride’s face shape, not the current makeup trend.

During the bridal trial, I will first understand your face and design the perfect brows that best suits your features.

These are just some general tips for Asian bridal makeup. I hope you find these tips useful!

Every girl is uniquely beautiful, and I will work with you during the bridal trial to pick the best makeup style for you!


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